UX/UI Specialist with a background in Cognitive Science focused on Product Management & System Automation

For as long as I can recall I have always been fascinated by behaviour.

I constantly found myself questioning the social and biological factors that influence human decisions.


These questions eventually lead me to pursue a degree at the University of Toronto for a Bachelor of Science majoring in Cognitive Science; minoring in Neuroscience and Psychology. Throughout those years I specialized in attention & memory in correlation to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

​Shortly after I attended Brainstation college for UX/ UI Design. It was there where I learned how to apply my knowledge of the brain to design thinking principles to create innovative digital products.

My love for music has navigated me into my current position at SOCAN as the Associate Digital Product Manager. My role involves rebuilding Their member portal and automate their processes. The vision is to give Canadian Creators complete transparency to their own data and royalty earnings while simultaneously innovating music rights organizations globally. 

​​The goal is to shift a user's experience digitally while aiming to translate to a better experience in the physical world. I focus greatly on gestures, as I believe they are the most efficient and intuitive way for a user to get to their end goal.

My design philosophy lies heavily in the theory that our existence is the sum of our experiences.